Hungerford Nursery Centre | Course Feedback
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Course Feedback


‘Excellent course with fantastic, knowledgeable leaders’  – Christine  (Understanding Schema)


‘Very informative, relaxed course with lots of ideas to take back to my setting.  Looking forward to the next woodland training’  – Zoe  (Storytelling in the Woods)


‘Excellent workshop.  Clear, interesting and very valuable.  Will impact positively on my everyday practice!  Thank you!’ – Cleo  (Questioning and its place in the Early Years)

‘Fantastic course, engaging and thought-provoking throughout’ – Vicki  (The Importance of Physical Development)

‘I found the whole Inspiration Day ran extremely well.  The staff are very nurturing and clearly love their jobs.  The workshops were superb and the setting is truly inspiring’  – Jennifer  (How to Grow a Scientist – Inspiration Day 2017)


‘Wonderful day in the woods:  I am truly inspired.  I am going to put a plan together and hopefully get my school into the woods.’   (Woodland Training 2017)








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